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Our Partners

We partner with global organisations who provide leading technology products specialising in wireless, wired and IoT devices.


Westell Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:WSTL) is a leading provider of high performance network infrastructure solutions, focused on innovation and differentiation at the edge of communications networks.

We partner with Westell to supply their range of intelligent site management and communication products, including

  • Remote series of edge gateway products
  • Optima Management System

We’re the only provider of Westell products in Australia & Asia.

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Reekoh is a leading integration platform built specifically to bring Internet of Things, data and API’s together.

Reekoh have partnered with us to integrate IoT and critical asset solutions to manage our customer’s distributed networks.

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Signify (formerly Philips Lighting) is the world leader in connected LED products, systems and services.

Signify have partnered with us to address Smart City opportunities.


Monnit is a leading provider in connecting to, monitoring and controlling machines and other ‘things’ in our environment. They have reimagined wireless IoT sensors to provide the utmost reliability, range, and battery life. Monnit’s ALTA products are the leading remote monitoring and control solution for industrial applications.

We have partnered with them to capitalise on the growing demand for a variety of industrial grade wireless sensors which provide seamless integration with our edge gateway devices.

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AlphaZetta is the leading global network for independent analytic experts. We’ve partnered with them to provide leading edge analytics and machine learning applications.

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